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Brian McCutcheon

KKC Guide and Owner: Brian McCutcheon

Brian McCutcheon

Brian is the founder and managing director for ROAM and Global Marketing Director for the O.A.R.S. family of companies.  Brian brings a wealth of international industry experience and knowledge to the shores of Kootenay Lake.  With first descents on many waterways and explorations in many continents, Brian acquired Kootenay Kayak Company in 1999 in order to set up a guiding co-operative for his hometown, Nelson, BC.  Originally an operating arm of his retail business, KKC now works in conjunction with all the major tourism providers in the region.

David Knox, BS, MS, Dr.TCM

Dave has been guiding in Mexico, US, and Canada since 1986.  In addition to rafts and kayak guiding Dave worked as an alpine, llama trekking and backpacking guide. A former employee of the US Forest Service, Dave was also a wildlife biologist and ecologist in Guatemala and the British Virgin Islands.  Fluent in Spanish, Dave’s three years in the US Peace Corp in Guatemala and work as a marine biologist make him ideal for leading our Galapagos and Ecuador trips.  Dave has a master’s degree in plant ecology and is a certified doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Needless to say, he loves plants and wilderness exploration.  After working in Alaska as a marine biologist, Dave has led many of our guests down the Tatshenshini-Alsek River through Southeast Alaska and on the Chilko River in B.C.

Laurie Knox, BPE, MA, RAC

Laurie has enjoyed teaching and guiding in the outdoors for over 15 years -
specializing in kayaking and leadership development.  Teaching outdoor
education and eco-adventure tourism courses at the University of Alberta,
Lakeland College, Red Deer College, and Mount Royal College, Laurie has spent the last 7 years studying and practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine.  As registered acupuncturist, which includes training in Tuina Chinese Massage, she also practices yoga and tai chi and has integrated simple warm up and cool down sessions as part of her guiding and outdoor trips.  As a guide, Laurie provides additional services of yoga and tai chi sessions, and massage to help ease any tired muscles!

Pete and Barbara Gosney

KKC Guides: Barbara and Pete Gosney

Barbara Gosney, CCH. HMC

Barb has played a major role in the KKC and ROAM for the past five years.  She has guided extensively in the Johnstone Strait, Vancouver Island, and Kootenay Lake region.  Certified as a Classical Homeopath and studied at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy, Barb followed that diploma with the Homeopathic Master Clinicians.  She has had a clinic in Nelson for nine years.  "I find as a guide my experience with Homeopathic remedies is invaluable, and often guests are happy to have me nip their medical problems in the bud, and save precious holiday moments from being spoiled".  Having spent many years putting the kids first, she is now putting all that energy elsewhere. Barb fell in love with kayaking and since has had the opportunity to work with KKC.  As a guide she hopes to inspire the love of travel and sense of adventure, fulfillment and achieve camaraderie for our guests.    

Pete Gosney

A contractor by trade and surfer/snowboarder/paddler by heart, Pete made the move from the UK to the Kootenays more than a decade ago and never looked back.  Having raft guided on the Tatshenshini, Chilko, Colorado, and Klinaklini rivers, Pete has settled comfortably into early retirement by leading trips to the Galapagos, Johnstone Strait and of course, the Kootenays.  An avid paddler with unyielding good disposition, Pete has become a staple in the KKC guide community.

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